Proportions and Anatomy Crit


Hi I’m looking to see if the anatomy and proportions look correct for this model. Software is Maya 5, thanks.


First Of All, Nice Chest-Shoulder Defination, And Overall, This Makes A Good Posing Model :slight_smile:

OK…Why Did You Make The Neutrel Position Like That ? As In Slanting Forward ?

And Why Is The Quadriceps Kind Of Long ?

Aside From The Side View, The Feet Form Is Like Totally Off, Can See From The Flow, Go Check Out Drawings Of Feet And Draw Markers On Your Feet, Thats What I Do.

The Tibialis Needs To Be Longer, And For Someone This Muscular, You Would Think He Had Bigger Gastrocnemius[Medical-Lateral].

Accept For This, I Must Say I Don’t Mind Paying For This Model, Still Pretty Good, The Abs Muscle Defition Is Quite Nice :slight_smile:


The arms look too short, while the wrists are too long. If you measure the wrist it will be longer than his face, and that cant be right. Also, his thigh muscles (sorry i dont know the thechnical term) stand out too much.The rest in my opinion looks very nice.


All the basic shapes seem to be in the right places. Obviously the feet need more work. The edge flow on the chest could be better. It looks over stretched.

The shape of the head could use some attention especially at the back.

Good work though…just needs cleaning up a bit.


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