What is the Group “PropertyFixUp” that there is sometimes in my scene when I open it, and when i saved the scene i don’t create it ?

Someone have got the similar problem?:surprised


This thing is created when you load a scene that has a problem in it. Most of the time this problem is not apparent at all. Also, most of the time, you can simply delete the Prop Fixup without any consquences.

But before deleting it, you should inspect closely your scene and the Prop Fixup. Sometimes this thing contains information about the problem in the scene. For example, once I got 2 of em. They were refering to shape clips I had for a shape animated cluster on an enveloped object. If I deleted the PropFixup, then one clip would disappear in the Mixer. So I had to create a new clip, based on this one. Then I could delete the old clip, and then the PropFixup.

Hope this helps
Salutations - Cheers
Bernard Lebel


Thank you!

Very well but if i don’t know the problem in my scene, what I must to do?

I see that in my scene I apply the glow property to some objects and sometimes when I try to render in render region, XSI tell me that “the Glow can be to apply if the objects is not selected” !?:rolleyes: !? :smiley: :hmm:?!:thumbsdow

I don’t know what I must to do but thanks for all.


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