Proper environment topology? I'll be using displacement maps.



Please tell me if I posted to the wrong forum. Apologies if so.

My friends and I are making a small animation. We have an environment that is mostly flat planes, and will be shading it with displacement maps and rendering via Vray. I am not sure if that’s important, so just let me get it out of the way.

Here is how an element of the environment looks:

There is maintenance going on I believe so I couldn’t upload the image here, hope that’s ok.

So, this mesh is just a placeholder, I’d like to avoid n-gons but I believe tris are ok? Are they?
If so, in what fashion should I connect them? Are very long thin stretched ones ok?
Something like this?

Please guide me. I don’t know much about how it might affect my scene. I only know that no, it’s not going to deform.