Hello every body

In this challenge I decide to make mythical character. I get my idea as one of the interesting God of Russia; the name is “Pron”. He fight with devil and darkness and at the end he keep the power of sun. He used special weapon, name Thunder and Lightning. Actually I didn’t see any picture of it just a word I read in book about Pron. I try to make it good as possible

Wish me lock:)




I started with basic body of mudbox and created my structure.


Re topology and uv


add some detail


I finish sculpting on some cloth and now I must add more detail. such as cloth material and so on.
actually I still have more cloth, Robe and some detail on belt and the other things you will see.


well! I think this is enough for cloths. now I’m going to prepare some other stuff. I mean weapon and other object.


Nice job.
I think you better work more on the anatomy of the face,the eyes seems bigger than normal and the jaw seems smaller for this kind of character…
Very nice job till now,will keep an eye on it.
Best of luck


Hi dear
Thanks to you for comment. I have more work on face, you’ll see :slight_smile: my friend.


It’s a great work totally!
I think the proportions of the head comparing to body is a little off. Also the scars of the face are a little too exaggerated.
Can’t wait to see the final result!
Keep it up girl :slight_smile:


i wish you win on this challenge



Great work ZeinabNematzade!

I’ve got a doubt tho, how are you going to deal with the holes on the cloths? will you render a high poly mesh?
I planned to add some to my model but I’m not confident enough of the final result when I set up normal, disp and/or bump maps over a lower resolution mesh.



Hi Ali
Thanks for your comet and giving me a hope to continue :)about face and scarf actually i like exaggerate

Thanks Naser :slight_smile:

Thanks my friend
You know we don’t have ability to delete polygon in mudbox if you want low res mesh with disp/NB you must have a perfect re topology after your structure done in mudbox.
yes I want to render high res mesh in softimage because it has a fix frame :slight_smile: .
Good luck


This is some stuff as I said before without texture. after that I’m going to make Sword and maybe shield for Pron.
I want to say something funny: I have a lot a DAMN problem with uploading this pictures; because in Iran they filtering all the free web host for picture (for example tinypic). so I have to use many Proxy with just 2kb speed!


full view without texture and with all stuff I show you in up.


I’m still working on texture. I just want to show you a part of my work


Nice , you work like boys . :slight_smile:


Here is my all body I show you with texture and I must going to texture another stuff.
Wish me luck:D


Hi changiz
Thanks. I don’t think so be a man has a good reason to be a Perfect!


well, this is pron’s weapon. I like it :cool: so I’m going to render.