Promise Promo Painting, (2D)


Title: Promise Promo Painting
Software: Painter, Photoshop

This is the promo painting for Promise, a short film project I created/wrote, and was slated to direct, but the funding fell though and the project is now on hold, awaiting more funding.


wow I am sure that it is going to be a very cool short
I hope you are going to keep us posted so that we can follow your progress

:bounce: :bounce: :bounce:


that’s a very promising image ya know??know i’m curious!!!tells us something about the story or something…plleeeeaaaaasssseeee


hey whats this? :wink:

Looks great man glad to see that background finished!
I won’t say much now, except I really like the promo peice…now wheres that 3d version :wink:


One more artist for my favorite folder :thumbsup:
The works on your site are realy something, I’m keeping an eye on you…
Best of luck for this short project.

Out of couriosity, have you established a pipeline for your short yet (hardware,software,workflow)?


If that’s not simply digital painting over a photograph it’s great.


Wow… that is incredible work Lunatique!!! You’re site is really cool too. I like the step by step you have of the woman on the bed. :thumbsup:


:buttrock: I love the second picture in your “personal favorites” of Sao-Ling (where she’s looking away and placing her hands on the wall). Melted all the tension from my body! I love how her hands seem to be forming wings (that’s what I see anyway :shrug: )

Oh, this picture you just posted, :bounce: :bounce: Holy shite it rocks.


This is a sweet image. I love the composition… what expressively grabs me are the hands. They look like they are clenched tightly, like she is desperate in her intentions. A touch of tension in an image of pure beauty…

Very well done. :applause:



Nice work as always sir:bounce:


Excellent job on this pic Lunatique. One thing that I have to mention is that the background has a great amount of detail in it. You would think this would over power the picture yet somehow it doesn’t seem take away from the subject at all. It’s only after the second time looking this over that I realized how much detail was placed in it. Again very beatuiful.


nice member list! seems to be a grant that its going to be a nice short, worth watching :bounce:

tell us something about story and/or chars plssss :drool:

good luck for the production!

cheers mcf !


Respect man, this is off the chart!! Where is that shiny cgtalk award.

Amazing - I can’t wait to get me grubby lil hands on the short film either!

I’d love to help in any way i can too!


If anyone is interested in volunteering, just post in this thread, and tell us what you enjoy doing, what apps you use, what you’re good at, and what your schedule is like for now and the next couple of years.

I don’t ask for total dedication where you spend all your freetime helping out. Just as long as you enjoy helping and working with us, and no matter if you get laid off from your current job, get a new job, move to another country, your girlfriend/boyfriend dumps you…etc, it’s the friendship and the collective ambition that will keep us moving forward. So, spare whatever freetime you feel like.

The entire team will collectively decide on the screening process of potential team members. We look mostly at skill level and personality(no jerks. We like nice friendly people :love: ).


Sure… looks like just the project I’ve been looking for. Ok, details:

Max (though I’d rather eat my own leg)

I’ve been doing 3d for… man. 8 years? Jeez… and my areas of concentration is shading, texturing, set design, prop design, producing, audio production, set modelling/dressing, lighting, prop modelling and writing.

Currently I have access to Maya and Lightwave. The rest are too expensive. PS of course.

I can offer up a considerable amount of time to the project, since I currently am freelancing and unemployed.

I know a professional music composer who works in the games industry and I think he has time free as well. Scott Lee, who worked on Summoner and Descent soundtracks.

Ritchie Roberts
ZeroNeuro Arts Ltd.

Plugs: grin Skull in a Scream Office WIP (model) Stilled Life Chellenge Entry


Thanks for the kind words everyone! :slight_smile:

knoxville-- hehe, sorry. Gotta wait for it. :smiley:

KingMob-- hey, aren’t YOU supposed to do the 3D version? Hahahah. I joke I joke! I’ll do it. grumble #$@$%#$…

Mazer-- We’re currently a Maya team. But we might dabble in XSI for some shots. We have ex-Max and ex-LW guys. They all love Maya and XSI now. :love:

malcolmvexxed-- no way in hell would I ever do that! People tried to accuse me of it in the past, and I just ignore them. My work will speak for itself. No need for me to defend anything. :wink:

gruvsyco-- oh man that tutorial is old. I’m kinda embarrassed by it now…

Beholder-- hehe, glad you like it. My fav too. :slight_smile:

AnimBot-- I was, and still am worried that it’s too busy. I might change it for the 3D version.

Mcf-- I totally got lucky that these kickass guys came to me and volunteered. They are such nice guys too, on top of their talent. :love:

dark_lotus-- sign up right here. :smiley: Read my previous post.


Amazing work, as usual, you are a master :beer:


Originally posted by Lunatique
If anyone is interested in volunteering, just post in this thread, and tell us what you enjoy doing, what apps you use, what you’re good at, and what your schedule is like for now and the next couple of years.

Ahhhhhhhh, gods if only… don’t SAY things like that…

Um… I use MAX and I know a wee bit of PS but have no tablet… I’m good at drawing but can’t show you much since I don’t have a scanner… and at the moment I have next to NOTHING to do, and it’ll probably stay that way for months. How’s that for pathetic?

Blargh… jeez, King Mob, between yer Stone Ent and this kinda thing yer really gonna be moving up, you know that right? Don’t forget me!! :cry:


What a superb feel and composition, so refreshing. :drool: The craftsmanship looks exquisite, really promising. I’d volunteer any day if I wasn’t flooded with stuff to do and if I hadn’t my own hidden pixel agenda to cater to.


Amazing (AMAZING!) piece of art, my friend.

Looks as if it’s going to be an amazing project.

So, here’s my application :slight_smile:

I’m currently a professional editor. I work at a couple of television post houses here in Toronto, Canada. My true love is film, however. I do quite a lot of short film work (on spec).

I also do a little (I mean, a LITTLE) bit of 3D. I have been working with LW for the past few months. I have a friend who works at A|W that is trying to convince me to switch over to Maya though! :wink:

I have been using AE for the past 4 years, for everything from movie title designs to special effects and visual corrections. You name it.

Anyhow, if you have any need for me… I’m ALWAYS looking out for great projects to work on, and great people to work with!

I am currently in pre-production on a Super 16mm short that will be shot the last two weekends of April. Fun stuff :slight_smile: