Prometheus - the reviews are as split as John Hurt's chest


Sweet, I’d go see it. The adventures of Noomi and David-head!


The only films in that sequel list that are not in any way connected to previous material in film or another medium are about an obscene talking bear and a male stripper.


Fox confirms to THR that Scott and the studio actively are pushing ahead with a follow-up and are talking to new writers because Prometheus co-scribe Damon Lindelof might not be available.

Lindelof is a 1 trick pony. Ending this installment woth more questions might have been cute this time, but I want a definate sense of direction and purpose in following installments. ALIEN isn’t LOST, Lindelof.


Man. This thread is more fun than the film.


Obscene talking bear? I must have missed that one. Was he in Snow White?

Seriously, though, I am all for a Prometheus sequel. I really don’t get the the people spewing alien acid blood at the movie. I feel like there was nothing he could put on screen after all these years that would please some people. Considering how difficult it is to get anything made these days, I am surprised the film is as good as it is.

After reading some of the complaints on here I could say, “Yeah, I can see that.” But it didn’t bother me at the time of actual viewing and I loved it.


Well, the movie is not that good as a stand alone, it would have been forgettable if it was just that, but it was also a complete plot re-telling of the original Alien movie with “it’s a mystery” tacked on, and that’s just insulting.

Add to that the bullshit symbolism, the film makers pretending that their non existent story made sense and generally idiotic decisions and it turned in a big ol’ **** you to the audience.


Talking bear is Ted.

I disagree, I think the movie could have been really good despite high expectations. I think people are “mad” at it cause the script was so asinine. At least give me a character I truly care about, at least.

But anyways I know plenty of people who love it, so it’s a really interesting film, I’m amazed at how split the opinions are. And I also wouldn’t mind a sequel, could be good.


Agreed, if the movie didn’t have the Alien universe to latch on to, how well would the story have held up? I’m guessing it would have failed spectacularly.

Most everyone I know who went to see it was a fan of the original Alien movie. Seeing the quick snippets of the “space jockey” walking the observation room in the initial trailer was magic and Having Ridley Scott direct it was an easy “I must see this movie”.

Strip all the HR Gieger sets/design and Alien lore and the story was pretty much a vapid mess.


It’s weird though, I wonder how much it was hurt by ending up being about/in the Alien universe…I think that all the relentless references, callbacks, and shoehorning of the Alien mythos into it may have done more of the harm, IMO. Without the need to include all the goopy alien stuff, impregnations, face ****ers, proto-aliens, dumb scooby-doo scenes, people getting picked off one by one…yada yada yada…could have been much more focused.

Stylistically it was a huge help I think, having those beloved designs to draw on, but I have a feeling it could have looked the way it looked regardless, just some changes in the Engineers and their technology, but it really didn’t have to be “them” or “that”. The ship could have looked just as cool.

I think as a more straight riff of “At The Mountains Of Madness” it could have been much more interesting.

Of course, with better writing and other decisions, it could have been much more focused and good anyway! Like all movies can be! But oh well. I do think it could have been easier to make it better if there was less baggage to deal with.

All that said, I am still up for the adventures of Liz & David, whether he’s still a head in a bag or she kinda duct tapes him back together like a pez dispenser. I still feel like his character was one of the few redeeming features of the movie, and she seemed to snap out of being a total twit in the final 2-3 minutes.

And especially knowing Lindelof is unlikely to be involved, I have hope we’ll get to find out if someone else can salvage the mess they’ve made of it, or if Ser Ridley is just completely off his nut.

“Prometheus 2: WTF is Shaw going to eat?”


I think people would have been less pissed off if it didn’t shoe horn in Alien items, even the fact that it’s a re-telling of the same story would be better recieved if it was unique.

It would have been lamer, sure, since the Gieger inspired art was half of the visuals but people would be less offended at the personal level due to all the bullshit. They’d just have forgotten about it a week later and wrote it off as yet another crap Sci Fi film that looked kind of neat.


deleted scenes

albino alien speaks


Personally, I think Lindeloff sucks. He has great concepts but no follow through. It’s great to have these nice ideas but you actually have to make a coherent plot out of it. That’s what happened with Lost. I loved, LOVED, the first season and the first half of the second season, then things took a turn for the stupid by season 3. I didn’t even bother with season 5, I was so mad. It’s a running theme with everything he does. It’s like biting into a jelly donut and finding that someone sucked out all of the jelly or didn’t bother to put it in to begin with.

Ridley should have bit the bullet and done something else entirely. I mean why repeat yourself?


I’ve said it before… This film, in its theatrical release form, feels like a really long trailer for a trilogy of films.

Having just watched the uploaded 14 minutes, it already feels like a much more complete movie (when added into the theatrical release). I’m really looking forward to rewatching the movie with the added scenes.

I think Lindelof is still writing like he did on Lost - saving too much of the content for ‘next week’. You can’t do that as much with features. Sure, you might need to hold some stuff back in order to have a sequel of substance, but you can’t eviscerate the story needs of the first film in order to protect a potential sequel. Film audiences are spending a fair bit of money for a 2 hour story. You owe them at least that much. Prometheus felt like 20-30 minutes worth of story spread out over 2 hours to me (even though the pacing didn’t feel slow, which is contradictory and odd).


I thought the “deleted scenes”, which seeemed mostly like a whole new ending, was better by a bit. Did Weyland make the same speech in the theatrical version? Maybe it was because of the alien speaking that it seemed to make a lot more sense. What is it with Ridley and always seeming to released better Director’s Cuts of his more famous films?


Ridley Scott is the kind of director who likes to say a lot with little bits and pieces. Similar to the late Tony Scott… his use of images eats up minutes and he likes lingering on things like “mouth in cigarette”, or “Rutger Hauer hesitates in the pouring rain about whether to save Harrison Ford” or “looking at the pigeons fly”… “Driving up the mountain road”… or other shots of that nature.

Inevitably, I find that when a studio needs to bring his running times down, they end up cutting out something that “might have meant something to the story”.


Does anyone know if these are just going to be ‘deleted scenes’ or if they are actually being edited into the movie for a directors cut?


Animatronics VFX Showreels HD: by Gustav Hoegen



As far as I know almost all the animatics were replaced with CG. Same for the costumes, even if it wasn’t completely CG they did adjustments in comp. And this is true for every movie.

The main reason they still do practical stuff is for lighting reference.

Edit: don’t get me wrong though - I admire the craftsmanship! But even if these things exist in the real world they’re usually not convincing enough…



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