Prometheus - the reviews are as split as John Hurt's chest


Here’s a (first?) review from the Guardian. Perhaps a bit more plot info than necessary, it’s given three out of five and described as a bit muddled but there’s a wonderful performance from Fastbender and spectacular visuals. My own 2 cents are that Scott has made a couple of mediocre and one or two overrated films in recent years , personally I don’t think that he has ever come near to matching the sheer brilliance of his two early films Blade Runner and Alien. I was planning to go and see this one in the cinema until the review mentioned the overtly high volume of the soundtrack. I regularly listen to loud rock music but I find the levels that cinemas now blast sound into our ears so uncomfortable that it’s to the point of being unbearable. Why the f*** they put us through this I do not know!


Saw it last night… Beautiful visuals (awesome job by MPC and Weta). Movie isn’t spectacular as there are several plot holes that either there on purpose to make you think afterwards or simply because too much has been cut out (waiting for the directors cut…). It’s visually incredible though. Planning on watching it again in IMAX soon.
BTW if you have seen the Trailer (not the teaser) then you have pretty much seen everything in terms of scenery and major plot twists… so please don’t watch any featurette,vids beforehand!


Everything that I see about this film makes me think that it has great odds of being nominated for Best Visual Effects but what is it about the visuals that is so beautiful? Are there many vistas and such?


Yup lots of great vistas among other things…


Huge…tracks of land!!


A cool featurette that, and spoiler free. I have to admit, it will be hard not to like this film given the environment it’s set in. A spectacular example of cg scifi. :love:I was debating seeing it in 3D (given some poor prior experiences) until I saw the trailer with Avengers (and Avengers went down very nicely too).


Somehow I am looking foward to this movie just for the simple fact of travelling in space and landing on unknown planets. Sci-fi is the only genre that delivers real escapism for me.


tracts (sorry) :slight_smile:


darn it all! :rolleyes:


breasts (not sorry) :slight_smile:

io9 has a spoilers-removed roundup of some of the early reviews from across the pond:

Generally positive, it’s at 89% on RT right now, but seems like a lot of people are wanting it to just be a remake of Alien, and that’s kind of unfair.

Should probably get to making the big “reviews are impregnating you” thread around now.

Be careful reading some of those reviews from rottentomatoes BTW, lots of spoilers.


I’m hoping it’s NOT a remake of Alien…which is how I feel from the trailers. I just want it to be awesome.


just back…liked it…lots to think about
one of those films where it’s not all set out on a plate for you


ok. just came back from seeing it the 2nd time (1st one was cast and crew on tuesday)
On repeat viewing I have to say that some of the major criticism about massive plot holes and the unexplained motivations of the crew, concerns I very much had myself after the first viewing, might not always be justified.
There are a some rather subtle hints that, at least I, did not quite take in 1st time, with all the mayhem going on in between. Especially the relationship between the robot David and his… maker, is rather interesting and mirrors a similar theme of blade runner (and even Gladiator for that matter, as someone else pointed out) and might give a hint at possible answers for the main open question the movie leaves behind:[SPOILER] (why do the engineers try to kill humans after they created them?)[/SPOILER]
Also the main characters rather peculiar relation to religion, which I did not care much about at first viewing started to make more sense.

Overall I'd say with the immense legacy attached to this movie as being a prequel to the best Sci-Fi Horrorfilms ever, your perception of Prometheus will depend a lot on your expectations. My advice is not to expect a horror movie confronting normal everyday working people with the totally "alien" horrors this vast and cold universe might hold. 
This is more traditional hard sci-fi looking for answers with lots of monsters thrown into the mix which is still my biggest gripe, that these creeps and critters got a bit too much screentime and take away from possibly more interesting characters. Overall they make for a thrilling ride though and I was never bored for a sec.
Visually I am still amazed by the movie. Even though the design and cinematography are very different from alien, it looks amazing throughout.

The VFX? I did comp on it for half a year so I am biased... :-)  but I think overall the quality of the effects is very high throughout the movie



Ugh. I saw it this afternoon and thought it was absolutely terrible. The VFX were fantastic though.

But wow, what a disappointment. Boring, nonsensical plot, shallow characters with no real motivations, and no real alien ass kicking action. I want my two hours back.


I’m still going though!


Interesting… I saw it yesterday and I did enjoy it quite a lot actually. Visually it is one of the best scifi movies ever. What comes to story it was close what I thought it will be. I knew it was not going to be Alien movie so maybe it worked because I was not expecting one. Surely there were some really silly parts that went directly to WTF category and I would have left them out/changed them, but at the same time it felt that they have made too many cuts to make it shorter. I hope there is going to be longer cut with the blu-ray. It was not perfect (except visually) but it was not bad either.


Looking at the trailer I thought the movie wouldn’t be as good as it was made out to be… It was actually much worse than i expected. Plot holes all over the place, acting that was passable but nothing more, amazing visuals… I couldn’t find a single character in the movie that I liked and, for that matter, I couldn’t understand anyone’s motives. All and all, PANTS…


You guys are making me so sad :frowning:

I have been looking forward to this movie more than any other movie.


Ok, so I just came back from watching the film, I had some initial wtf moments, and think if there is a directors cut, these can easily be dealt with. I was thinking about what I saw, and worked out some things. I could be wrong here but I thought I would spell out what I think was going on. There is quite a bit of second guessing here…


Ok, so firstly, the planet this film is set on is not Lv426, but it is in the same system as that planet. The planet Lv422 is a military base for the Engineers, they have a mission to bomb earth with a substance that kills highly evolved humans (anything with a similar genome to the Engineers, including the Engineers) and enhances the speed of evolution in lower level species, basically removing the head of the food chain, so an ecosystem can start anew, or be implanted with the Engineers progeny again. Maybe humans got to smart too quick, and could threaten the Engineers, by finding them, or were too warlike or were not supposed to be spread over the worlds. But the Engineers decided to start over on earth, or all the planets where the new humans were. Something happened to prevent the attack, either it was called off or the outbreak on Lv422 stopped the attack. But the ships still had the evolution agent, and the humans found it and it spread again. The “alien” we see at the end that comes out of the engineer is similar to the aliens we know (that octopus thing is a proto face hugger), but the ones we know must come from the surviving human who makes it to Lv426 and crash lands there. On her ship there must be more sleeping Engineers, or the situation arises for that ship to get infested with an evolved species which we know as the alien. The distress signal must come from David via the alien ship, which is why its garbled, Weyland Yutani know something is up there now and send the Nostromo by to see what it is.

Anyway this is all speculation, it could be a big WTF, but I think there is defiantly another film that will bridge Prometheus to Alien in the pipline.


The movie takes place on LV-223… the whole plot is a lot 'ore complicated / sophisticated that that though… A second viewing is recommended. BTW the next movie in the franchise (if there’s ever one) is said to get even further away from the Alien franchise according to Scott… so no Prometheus-> Alien obvious bridging is expected. This is all about mankind, God etc…