Prometheus, Koony (3D)


Title: Prometheus
Name: Koony
Country: France
Software: 3dsmax

Here is a work done with 3ds, brazil and photoshop for compositing. modelisation was made in 3 days (approximately 20 hours working).it’s a kind of mixture between a helicopter and a plane. nothing fantastic, but I like this concept :slight_smile:
Later, I think i’ll make an animation of the appareil which landed on the ground, but with an environment completely different…
what do you think of the credibility of the ship?
C&C wellcomed


realy nice! good modelling :thumbsup:



i like your ship concept, its great:love:


I really like this design. Exellent stuff !!


cool :slight_smile:
great work



Well, you may participate in creating “Star Wars 7” ships :slight_smile:
This is an outstanding work.


wow! the concept is great!
but u could have made a better environment, it looks like a little toy :wink:


I like this consept! It reminds me to the landing ship in alien 2 movie. i loved that.


mon dieu.

c’est magnifique!!


very impressive model!


thanks for ur replies
here is a wire from the max viewport


reminds me alot of the ship from Final Fantasy, spirits within, I think its the angle fo the front and the wheel/leg things.


wow, looks pretty cool, do you think we could get a wireframe and maybe a different camera angle? maybe a birds eye view to show off the shape of the ship a little more?:shrug:


oops, now i saw the wireframe. missed that link earlier, but ho wabout those camera angles?


Nice!!! Did you model it from scratch or did you make a turnaround of the vehicle for reference?


da_rock21>> here are different untextured views :slight_smile:


what modeling technique did you use?

very nice A+


well it’s editable mesh, loft, extrude, bevel… the next stage is to animate it . i hope to have time and motivation to do it .


yeh it reminds me of the ship from final fantasy alot. i mean the only small chnges to it


erm wheres the edit button for the posts gne? anyway i ment to put smll changes would turn it into the ff ship. very good detail keep it up