Projection painting


Hi, i’ve found this tutorial about projection painting in blender:

I know there are programs like Image Modeler, Maxon Body Paint or Mari where i can do this (and blender :smiley: ), but those programs are expensive and i was wonder how to do this in maya.
Anyone knows something about it and can tel me how to do this like in the tutorial above?


if you have the money for maya you should have the money also for the maya suite with mudbox…
or use blender…


You may use the artisan-tool. But the last time I used it (8.5),…it was very slow.


Yes it is possible - I’m fairly certain someone even wrote a tool to make it really simple to do - but I can’t seem to find it.

There is this tool which may help, but it’s not the tool I’m thinking of…

One way to do it is (sorry I don’t have time to give a detailed step-by-step)…

Create a camera, assign an image plane with the image you wish to project - line it up to the model and create a shader and assign a file texture to it. Set it to projection mode (rather than using uv mapping). In the projection settings, set it to perspective and assign it to the camera you lined up. Do this for all the various views you wish to paint, assigning a shader for each projection. Then bake out each projection to a file. You can then either blend the various projections in Photoshop or blend them in Maya by setting up a layered shader and by painting masks to blend the textures together.


Thanks for the script but this is not i’m looking for.

You talking about this script?:
If this is not this script you talking about then if you recall then please post the name of this tool here in this topic or PM me :slight_smile:


Yes that’s the one. Here’s the thread I remember reading about it.


Thaks, it’s quite interesting :slight_smile:

Maybe i tell what i want to do and why in maya.

I have an image sequence that was matchmoved and i need to project parts from those sequence into geometry and bake it. I know i can do this from one file but there will be stretched texture so i need to use parts from image sequence and do painting like in this videotutorial for blender to remove stretching.


This is how I’ve done it in the past, prior to using Mari.

Take your object. Assign a surface shader to it. Add a file texture to the out color attribute. In the Create Render Node dialog choose “As projection” rather than the default “Normal”.

In the projection node that is attached to the file texture set the proj type from planar to perspective. In the Camera Projection Attributes link it to your matchmove camera (fit type I think should be match camera resolution and fill - use an image plane to check that things line up).

In the file texture node, load up one frame of your image sequence and turn Use Image Sequence on.

In the hypergraph go to Edit > Convert to File Texture (Maya software) and bake out the projection. Do this for each frame you want (I tend to only use key frames from the sequence rather than bake out every frame). Open up photoshop and start layering in the various projections.


Thanks for help :slight_smile:


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