Projection Map to UV Map problem


Hello, first post here and I am hoping to solve a problem. In short, I have a projection map of a parking lot that I am projecting on to a cube object, see in the projection photo. I then right click on the texture map and select Generate UVW Coordinates and the end result if a distorted image, seen in the second photo I uploaded called UVMap.

Any ideas why this UV map is getting distorted?



Not a lot of info to work with, but…Did you scale/distort the geometry after you created your UVs? Accidentally scale or move the UVs when you were intending to scale or move the geo?

Frankly for this example I wouldn’t mess with UVs at all just use frontal or flat projection.


Thanks for the reply. What you are seeing is the result right after I select the Generate UVW Coordinate. It replaces the Camera Projection map with the UV Mapping. There is no scaling or moving happening by me. I have been trying different things today with the same result. It is odd.


in general these distortions are caused by having low resolution in your uv map - simply increase the subdivisions in your base geometry to increase the quality of the uv map.

i.e. if your plane is 1 x 1 poly then setting it to 10 x 10 will improve the visual result.

cheers, simon w.