Projecting shadows and lights..tranparency


hmmm it was fine before but now its a no go

Has anyone ever experienced this problem

I had a light projecting an image now rather than the light projecting the image it just shows up all white no more image?

I can’t even see the image through the light view anymore

It was a plane balck anyd white image
second to that my tranparency doesn;'t seem to be working anymore …i think thats the whole problem but i can’t understand why transparency would just stop working??


hmm werd thinng its seesm to be only happen with a particular scene…which leading me to think it may not me the app its something else

what option could you accidentally hit to cause this??:sad:


im fading here


Ziah, I don’t understand the problem well; is the image projected on a transparent surface? maybe help if you post a scene picture.



hmmm k

this is what i have noticed

i have a spot light which im using to project an image…the image is a plain white and black… rather than the image showing up im seeing a blank white image


the scene doesn’t seem to be recognizing transparency…I have a backdrop with IMAGE MAP im using for transparency and that is not working either


That is very rare. Have you tested Load_items_from_scene?



yup…i have test load items from scene its the weirdess thing ever…i thought maybe it was an 8 bug since i haven’t done much with lw recently


Hey Ziah!
Please send me the object and the scene and I will check whether it is a bug.



its okay just redid the scene…besides i coudln’t send to you:)


opps where are my manners thanx for the help guys


Maybe this not helps much but check the base color of your problematic object, I have not seen the scene but I had a similar problem with a sphere to which I had maped a HDRI, the base color was violet, but when I disabled the imagemap, in the render appeared green, when I activated raytrace, the whole sphere appeared totally black. Then I noticed the sphere color was:
Red: 320
Green: 550
Blue: 356
I don’t have idea how those numbers appeared, but is solved (?) entering to color panel and choosing a more “normal” number.
Certainly I don’t know if is a bug or some kind of advantage. I imagine is due to high color depth that LW can develop (associated to HDRI´s)
Here is the “rarity” if you want to take it a look:


Same problem on LW 7.5c and LW8



Were you using volumetric lighting with it? Could be luminocity or opacity in the volumetric panel.


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