Project Resurrection WIP


Hello everyone. After taking some time off to relax and better my approach to design, I am coming to this forum to start a thread involving my modeling for gaming characters. The inspiration for this project was that, I remember a game that I used to play as a child that I wanted to imagine how it would look in 3D
this game was called Eternal Champions. If you don’t remember it, feel free to look on YouTube for a few videos of the game.

Now the premise of this thread is to improve my skills in modeling game ready characters, improve my drawing skills, and also pay homage to a game that I love so much that will probably never see the light of day again. Since my background of modeling is for CG prerendered models, I hope I will learn a lot about modeling for games. Each model will be followed by concept art and a capture from the original game to compare.

The first character I will be designing is the character Trident (one of my favourite characters) who is a very interesting character that he poses a design challenge in which he is not a pure symmetrical character, but he has a trident on his arm. My plan for this model is to start off with some concept art to get an idea of what he will look like and explore all of the possibilities of this character.

Here are some screencaps from the original 2d game

The Story of Trident (From the Original Game)

Trident is so named because of the trident which replaced the hand he lost in a duel with a shark. The people of Atlantis during this time lived above the water. They were competing with the Romans to see who would control the Earth’s surface, with the loser being plunged into the watery depths.The Atlanteans spent their time in the pursuit of science. They realized early on that a major part of the land was going to sink into the ocean. To handle this, they built great environments that were enclosed in bubbles so that they could survive the ocean’s depths.They then offered a fair settlement to the Romans. Half of each culture would stay on land, and the other half would go to sea. The Romans would not agree, and would only settle the issue through battle. So the Atlanteans had no choice but to create a warrior that could stand up against the warlike Romans. Trident was their champion. The Romans rigged the fight and crushed Trident under a large stone pillar. With their loss, the Atlanteans were forced unnecessarily undersea, and their culture was lost forever.

And here is some of the concept art that was created to get a feel from the character. The feel I want to get is a scary looking frogman that looks like someone you would be afraid of. There will be more concept art to follow and the base mesh…stay tuned. :thumbsup:


Oh, and feel free to give any opinions on the character’s outfit and colouration…any suggestions would be awesome


I would also add some highlights to his skin, bulk him up and make him more gritty and less anorexic :smiley:


Hey dude, thanks a bunch for your reply…this is just the sketch, the actually model may change…I will definitely bulk him up though… In the original game this character was quite fast. I hope I can convey the sense of speed of the fishes swim… stay tuned…


Nice Idea.

The ears on your sketches are no way as near the original charecters. The tops of his ears are above the peak of his head and the bottom level with the mouth, they also have sections forking off where as your ears are fairly normal but pointy.

If you’re planning to use the sketches as referance for modelling the upper arm has a weird bend that looks like the bone folds out on itself where there isn’t a joint, bulking up the bicep or lowering the arm pit should remedy this I think.

Are you planning on making his helmet?


@ Swift 3D: Hey swift, I agree about the ears, they were a bit tough to get correct in the sketches, as I was using realistic human proportions. I could easily model the ears to go above his head, (and maybe add some sort of controls to make them bounce around). Initially drawing the ears make it pretty tough so I went ahead for more human like ears.

As for the helmet, I will probably model it. Maybe add a spartan style helmet for his secondary outfit.

I am still working on the head, stay tuned.


Hey all, here is some progress on Trident’s head mesh, trying to get a feel and look of the character. I have a polygon model limit of around 10k-15k which includes the helmet, shoulder clothing, and trident… if anything feel free to enjoy and some feedback will be nice… now i have to figure out how to model the “Forky Ears”. I have some CG ears from an older model, but I want to keep this ear within gaming range

Stay Tuned…enjoy the screencaps


hey, that’s looking pretty decent already!
one thing though: he’s got faaaaar too many polies on the back of the head for someone who’ll be wearing a helmet all the time. also, it looks like you’ll be making this game for modern computers so you might want to add a normal map… which tend to mess up with smoothing groups.
so what i’d advise you to do: remove those faces of his skull (you’ll be covering them anyway, right? at most, replace them with some plain faces if you don’t want holes in your mesh) and use “split edge” (i think that’s it) on the sharp edges you put on his face. it’ll make his face look more natural and make normal mapping a bit easier.


Hey dude, thanks for checking out Trident. I totally agree about the polygons on the back of the head. I was going to keep them there because the helmet can be knocked off during the fight, but I will optimise the model for performance when I test it inside the CryEngine2. And I will definitely split the edges on the ridges of his face…

Stay Tuned :beer:


great, can’t wait to see it!


Hey, here is some more progress on this model, this time adding the ears (which was kind of rewarding because they actually fit on the model :D…I will admit they do look a little low poly but I will add an edge around the ears to smooth them out a little and add a fleshy feel to it.

The ridges around the face will be smoothed as soon as I figure out how to keep it from being to high detail. BTW this model is the in game model

Enjoy the caps…Stay tuned


Hello again, here are some updates for the body mesh, trying to get a feel for the anatomy… right now I am thinking of a better flow to model muscles like the biceps and abs. I anything I would love to hear your feedback…

Stay Tuned


Good morning from Boston, here is some more progress shots on the frogman, trying to get some real details into him. At this stage, I will probably optimise the model in some parts so i can add more detail else where like the chest area so I can get rid of the blockiness…

Stay Tuned, the feet are going to be a big challenge


Bulk up his chest as much as you can, try to use this for reference :


Hey CodeVeroby,

I will definitely try to bulk him up a little bit more…I don’t want him to look like a bodybuilder, but more of a swimmer’s physique…

Stay tuned


Just a small update today, working on the feet and fins…


Hey everyone, here is some more progress on this frogman…I have added the helmet and started the shoulder pads…trying to plan the rest of the straps around the armour with some details like buckles…

Stay Tuned


Here is a near finished model of this incredible character. All I need to do is optimise and tweak the model until it looks nice… any feedback would be wonderful…then it will be on to unwrapping and some serious Zbrushing…

Stay tuned


Here is his tweaked hand… I am still trying to get the right and dangerous look for the trident… going to look at some real ones and maybe try to get a look that will intimidate the hell out of people…


Just a quick update…I have added the trident…the old looked cool, but I needed something deadlier…