Project Overcome

This is a flash site for a commercial spot I did 6 months ago. Just looking for some initial feelings about the site. I don’t have a whole lot of time for revisions but I want to start submitting it to web competitions. Think it is ready?


The website looks good, but I watched the movie, and I have to say that the hands (while navigating the hologram ball, thing) look unreal, and at the end, when it says “…the battle is just beginning…” well, I think that is copy righted, right… LOL from star wars! Just listen to it you can tell it right off the bat!

But, as far as the website goes… I like it a lot!
Was this done for a art school or something?



Thanks for the comments. I didn’t want the tagline in the spot but that was the director’s call. Yes, it was part of a university project - luckily this frees us from a lot of copyright issues like using the NBA logo and the tagline (I had heard the phrase before but didn’t know that it was directly quoted.)


I submitted to a few and got a few. Does anyone know of any other online web competitions that I could submitt to ?


The design of the site looks good but I had some trouble reading the text I can hardly see your name at the bottom of the site coz they’re a bit blurred. Maybe you should sharpen the text if you have time it looks better that way. The navigation is clear and simple.

Have you already submitted your work to this competition?


I haven’t. Thanks for the link - I will submitt.

Yeah the font is Agency FB, which I really like, but it can get a bit hard to read when it is so small. I don’t like big text though. I guess there is a tradeoff.


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