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Hi everyone. Im currently working on an fps with a bunch of other guys, programmers and 3D artist. What we are currently looking for are people capable of modelling and animating 3D characters (knights and animals etc etc), and we could also use 1 or 2 concept artists.

The game is placed in england in the middleages, you start out as a poor farm boy that is drafted into the local landlords army.
The game will be in first person view, and you will partisipate in everything from castle siegeing on both defender and attacker teams (not at the same time though :smiley: ), raiding towns, and a loads of other stuff.
we have allready made models for most of the siege equipment and castles and weapons and etc. etc. but we still need to finish up a lot of the organics and texturing, and a load of other things.

 we are using the ogre engine.  [PHP=check it out here]

     If your interrested in joining our team, here my contact info:
     Gmail: [email=""][/email]
     MSN: [email=""][/email]
     Yahoo: timlogan475
     or you can PM me.
    "Company" name: Claymore Studios


Hi everyone,

It not that I’m the greatest artist ever (compared to some of you guys/girls)… I’m simply leading the group doing the coding on this project. If you have any question regarding the techincal issues related to this game, please feel free to ask…



Um, can you explain how the game is a FPS with knights? Or did you guys just mean the game takes place in first person view?


try to picture the game stronghold. then try seing it in full 3D as if you had been one of the soldiers standing on the wall pushing of ladders and dodging hughe 300kg stones sent of by trebuchets. or maybe firering the stones at the castle breaking down the wall and grabing your sword to lead your men into the court yard and take over the castle.

(in other words full 3D, seen from the view of one of the soldiers)

(stronghold is copyrighted by firefly studios and has nothing to do with this game project)


I too would be interested in your implementation of swordfighting in a first person game.

Aside from that - have you set up a proper collaboration platform so people might easily contribute to your project?


we are thinking of using “free hand” together with a few standard attacks. free hand means that you drag the sword and the arm follows and hopefully doesnt bend in any wierd directions :stuck_out_tongue: that way you decide where to hit, if you want to trick the enemy into blocking one attack and then quickly attack him somwhere els etc etc

nope, all we have on the net currently is an ftp. but we are currently making a webpage with a forum.


Hi! Sounds interesting. About the “free hand” system. It has been implemented before in some games, and most of the time did not feel that great. Maybe it would be interesting to get sort of a fight game system. Where you can block with your shield and attack with your weapon on certain parts of the body by just clicking on them. And then holding your mouse button for longer to charge your attack for more power. Another nice system would be something like Metroid. Where you can lock on to a certain target, possibly with the right mouse button and keep your camera locked in place. That way targeting would become easier. Anyway just a suggestion. :wink:

Gameplay wise the game sounds nice and original. And surely has a lot of potential. Does sound like a lot of work, so good luck. :wink: Oh, about Ogre, i thought Ogre was only a graphics engine, but did not handle physics, sounds, AI, you know all the other stuff that makes a game interesting. Any ideas on what to use for those? Or are you going to program the physics yourself? because it sounds like you will be needing a lot of it.


Hi DogmaD,

I must agree with you, it sounds very interesting and your suggestions regarding “free hand” will be taken into considerations, thanks…

Regarding Ogre, all the stuff that you list regarding physics, sounds, AI ect. can be introduced into Ogre using external libraries and tools (see for a vast selection).

Physics can be done using some of the external tools (see above link). In contrary to your stand, I don’t feel that physics is a central part of all games. Sure for some modern settings it could make it interesting… on the other hand what would a space-shooter be if game designers are not able to “tweak” the rules of physics (and reality in general)? and what would a roleplaying game be if magic was disallowed as we have no way of analysing (and implementing) the physics of it? As this is a medieval-like setting I think alot can be done with simplified physics… and for now we plan on this approach…

Regarding the AI, we are not sure if we implement our own or use one from the toolset…



yea, we were thinking of using the block attack with shield for the weapons that allow you to wield a shield while using them such as swords and other 1 handed mele weapons. but yea iv tried a few games with free hand where it sucked but i think i got an idea to how it might just work. well hopefully atlest :stuck_out_tongue:


We have just set up a website and a forum which you can find here, the website is though still wip


Hi everyone, just a short messege to tell ya all, that we have stopped working on “Medieval knight”
and chances are that if i start working on it again it wont be within the next few years.


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