Project Codename: The Game We Love​


Project Codename: The Game We Love


Kickstarter, Business Grants, Royalty
unless we receive funding from a successful campaign.

Project Codename:

The Game We Love


The player begins the game at the edge of a map with a small but formidable army. Challenging enemies wander in small to astronomical groups across the land in various troop types waiting for the chance to mess your day up. Player begins with a few troops and earns more units by defeating wandering enemies. Goal is to survive as long as possible, defeat the most enemies, and build the biggest army the game world has ever seen. This is our first project as a team, we are creating a game that will create a solid foundation for our studio.

Camera Angle: Top down view

How it Controls: Right Click, Left Click, Number Pad

Platforms: PC, Android, iOS, potentially console

Team Name:
To Be Determined

Team Structure:

Colin - Producer
Project Managment, Game Design

Nick - Project Manager
Project Management, Writer, Game Design

Josh - Art Director
Concept Artist, Story Writer, Art Management, Game Design

Jimi Osborne - Artist
Concept Artist

Joseph - Story Writer
Story Writer, Game Design

Rasmus - Lead Programmer
Programmer, Game Design, Programming Management

Ondrej - Programmer

Court - Programmer

Daniel - 3D Modeler
Texture, Environment

Austen- 3d Modeler
Texture, Character, Item

Julio - 3D Modeler
Texture, Character, Item

Yulu Xue - 3D Modeler
Texture, Character, Item

Brent Liu - 3D Modeler
Texture, Character, Item

Ms. Davidson - 3D Rigging
Character Rigging

Zekeryia Ayan - Animator
Character Animator

Enrique - Composer
Music creation

David - Business
Project Management, Human Resource, Game Design

Talent Required:

Concept Artist/Graphic Artist
[li]Experience with Photoshop
[/li][li]Experience with Indesign (preferred)
[/li][li]Experience with Illustrator(preferred)

3D Animator
[li]Experience with Maya required.
[/li][li]Expected to animate 3D models.

SFX Engineer
[li]Creating SFX for game


Additional Resources:

See Attachments for examples of work done and feel of the game visually in brief concept.