Project Charlize/Prometheus, Andrea Bertaccini (3d)


Title: Project Charlize/Prometheus

Name: Andrea Bertaccini

First step of Project Charlize, the Prometheus version.
All the Hair was made inside 3dsMAX with Hair&Fur, unfortunatly right now I have not a filament plugin, so the result is not the best


I’m Glad to be in Featured Homepage, thanks CGSociety.


Looks amazing, great work! I was wondering how you are using your Color Checker in your workflow and which software you are using to linearize your images? I tried to use this approach a while ago but couldn’t get any of the calibration software to play ball with my rendered output.


Sorry for the late reply, normally I use the chrome ball and the White ball for the reflection and light reference,
for this project i insert the colorcheker to simulate the photographer
approch at the light balance reference, unfortunatly as you know if the
image in not in 32bit and without a proper software is a bit usless, was
just a simulation, and a little help to the color variation…


BTW if the image was not in 32Bit (raw Mode) you can use this method to balance the white.