Project Ash - Planet Ethora, Simranjeet Singh (2D)


Title: Project Ash - Planet Ethora

Name: Simranjeet Singh

Personal project that i have been working on for some time now. This was by far the most challenging concept i have done, I have always been weak at character design and wanted to start integrating more characters into my paintings. This was my first attempt at a complete character design and I learned a lot during this process, working on a personal IP made me realize that putting in characters with costumes will help me showcase the culture of a set planet more clearly and help push the story further. Although I am glad i took the first step towards designing characters, I have much to learn and will defiantly be designing more characters in the future.

The character was mostly fully modeled in zbrush excepts for some drapery that was made in marvelous designer, the environment assets and architecture was build in 3D-Coat. Everything was assembled in cinema 4d and rendered in key shot, then put in Photoshop for the final illustration.