"Progressive Reference!"


Hello, all. I was wondering if anyone knew of a good place to get images where the model moves his arm, so that one can see progressively how the mucles manifest under the skin during a movement? (Of particular interest is the forearm and the back and the knee.)

Knowing where the muscles are is fine and dandy, but I still have problem know how they will manifest under the skin at certain poses, and I reccon if I could find references with “progressiv shots”, I could be better at drawing without reference in the future.


Hi there,

There is this:


In addition to 3D.sk, which I believe has video reference. These are both pay sites.

Another option is this excellent book:

Visualizing Muscles: A New Ecorché Approach to Surface Anatomy (Paperback)

While only static images, this book is great because it contains reference of a male gymnast who has been painted with muscle striations, then photographed in a great variety of different poses.


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