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Hey guys?? I’ve been modeling for a few months now, and am just starting to get into looking at what the industry is doing. I’m using rhino and am looking at upgrading to Maya or 3ds. To help in my decision, I would like to know what programs have been used to make all of these Blockbuster movies. Any of your personal thoughts on which program to use would be great also.

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Well that would depend . Some movie comp. create there own programs , this is most regarded for water making ,splashes and movement . But movie comp. dont use such progs. offten . But some indeed use Lightwave , since 3Dsmax is now not used in movies. Also some use Maya . Many progs that they use are are half modeling progs and half digital editing progs . so you can quicly set up anything from models to effect on a recorded scene and that compile it . But that kaid of software is not for sale .
If your after this job to make effects/models for movies , i recommend you start with Lightwave .:thumbsup:


Studios don’t use 3ds max anymore…Why not?? So for you, Lightwave is better than Maya? Do you know what programs were used to make shrek, spiderman, and nemo?? If you know of any other movies you could add with the programs they were used with, that would be great too. I’m just trying to get a feel for what’s being used before I move on from Rhino.

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Nah , personaly i use 3Dsmax , its the prog for me :slight_smile:


I have a strong 3dsmax bias, only because i’ve used it longer than Maya or XSI. But they are ALL great packages. I’ve seen too much great work created in all 3 programs to be able to say one is ‘better’ than the other. To answer you question in a very general way, i believe Maya has a stronger grip on the film industry, with 3dsmax having a stronger grip on the video games industry. This is in NO WAY a hard rule. There are exceptions all over the place. A good place for you to start would probably be the discreet, alias, and softimage websites. Their show reels should give you a good idea about what kind of work the pros are producing with each package.

But like Darkone says, a lot of the major players write their own software, which would mean if you were hired there, you’d have to be trained anyway. What i would recommend before upgrading, download the max trial version, maya and XSI both have free learning editions. Play. Explore. If one package feels more comfortable then that means something. If you develop strong skills as a modeler, texture artist, animator, etc, and you understand the CONCEPTS, not just which button does what, then it won’t matter which package you’ve worked on, you’ll be able to switch without much difficulty.

Best of luck with your decision,



Thanks for ya input. My connection is hella slow, So I’m going to have to order the learning editions. ARRRGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHH!!!:sad:


I believe the robots in I, Robot were created by using Maya.


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