Programmers, Artists and Animators needed for a high-res 2D Openworld RPG


Hello my name is a Jack and I am trying to assemble a team to create a high-res 2D openworld RPG with lots of lore, magic, strategic monster-fighting, and plenty of choice for the player. So far my team consists of a music designer and two very talented writers who have already set out to work on a concept document (with over 38 pages).

Positions available:
2D Artists (high res, not pixel)
2D Animators

Programmer requirements:
-Familiar with the Unity game engine
-Experienced with C#
-Passionate about making games
-If you have worked on or contributed to a strategic open world game with map interactions and lots of NPCs or a game like that, that would be a huge plus.
-Play RPGs

Artist requirements:
-Can create high resolution 2D art(not pixel art). Currently we are considering a shoujo or sienen anime style, but if you are more interested in doing backgrounds than characters a wide range of styles will be acceptable.
-Passionate about making games
-Play RPGs

Animator requirements:
-Know how to animate 2D art. We will try to break animation tasks into small, manageable ones, we are not asking you to make a movie. Mainly we will need spell visual effects and transitions between character poses or facial expressions.
-Passionate about making games
-Play RPGs

Applying requirements:
-For programmers past projects or example code you have written would be great to see. As well as a resume and portfolio. If you feel you are experienced enough to lead the programming of this type of game, we’d love to see a list of the steps you would take to plan and begin programming a 2D open-world game with turn-based party combat.
-If you are an artist applying I would like to see some art samples or portfolio to make sure your art style is what we are looking for. Please describe what subjects you like to do art of and what subjects you don’t. If you have any game-specific art experience, describe it.
-If you want to contribute design ideas as well as art or programming, tell us if there’s a particular area of design you are interested in.

How much money you will make:
We will divide the money when the game is completed, the amount of money you receive will depend on how much effort you put into the project.

If you have any questions or are interested in joining contact me at