production value of Maya's Hair simulation?


hey guys,

this being my first thread posting, after being on this site for many months, i’ve come across an interesting situation. over the next year (starting shortly) i’ll be flooding this site with my work for critique from you.

right now the only relevant thing i have to ask is this : in an animation short ( under 3mins ) with the basis of the work being aimed at film/realistic humans how many of your guys are thinking/attempting to use Hair simultions in your own work?

this question isn’t really just for students, i’m also looking for some insight into you smaller “boutique” studios.

Is the Hair simulations worth all of the prep time/ cpu time for calculating / when i’m just one man working on the project.

granted i understand fully the “why” i would want to use the simulation, and i’m willing to spend the time to “learn” how to use it. but from a practical stand point - is it starting to be used by smaller vfx houses or is it still just for the big guys who have dedicated scripters to write and troubleshoot.

i know very little about scripting (always wanted to learn).

or is it just best right now to focus on “poly sculpted” hair form, or try using a cloth derivative.

any insight into this would help myself and any other searching the archives
thanks for taking the time to read this lengthy post


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