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Hello everyone, im working with some friends in research for a production pipeline tree, we are making some research on the internet, the idea is to make it as general as it can so we can adapt it to almost any production just moving some things in or out. at this point on our research we couldnt find something like this, so as we are beginers in this field we would love to have your feedback. As well every c&c is welcomed. :arteest:
here is the image with we came so far.


Nice. Thanks for sharing. But you missed the compositing process of the filmed elements, which would include roto/keywork.

I’m editing a feature right now where the edit of the footage(all on green) happens before the animation process and what you call postproduction/parallel to previz so your chart doesn’t apply in a few spots to my case. I can go more into details if you want me to.


Hey scrimski thnx for the contribution, and if u can go into more details they are more than welcome.
when you say the compositing process of the filmed elements, are you referring to the ones under film at the left side? I’m not to familiarized with those process so if you can contribute, it’ll be nice!!
thnx for taking the time!


I painted over your chart(hope you don’t mind) and oversimplified a quite a bit. Preproduction of shooting footage is completely left out, since this forum is more focused on the CG/post side, the shooting itself is just one magic box on the chart(so is the sound department).

I also left out the process of revisions. Sometimes footage has to be reshot, previz get’s no OK, matte paintings need to be redone - you get the picture.

Production and postproduction can happen at the same time, depends a lot on the project, it’s budget thus size of staff, amount of work on each part and their interaction between each other.

Compositing usually starts after the approval of the roughcut or runs parallel, but never before, it’s a matter of workload and efficient use of time and resources(it doesn’t make sense to key stuff when you don’t know whick takes of the footage the editor/director/producer picks - you don’t want to roto 15 takes of a shot just like that when you know that only one does make it in the end for instance).

Compositing means in this case the creation of elements like keyed/roto’ed elements, the cameratracking and integration of all elemnts of production be it actual filmed or rendered stuff into one convincing shot where nothing sticks out like a sore thumb.

This chart is in no way complete or does represent “the one truth” but it’s usually what I happen to see on projects. If any one can correct things feel free to do so.


hi scrimski again thnx for ur time and knowledge we made some changes, as u opened our minds and help us to view those aspects, we made rouge edit to happen in production so the roto and color key can hapen after, as you sugest then just a question the step where you get together the final sound and color correction, how is it named? i suposed something like master compile or soomethjing like that?
thnx again i hope to upload the flow chart later 4 u to see the changes.


It’s called onlining or finishing, sometimes mastering.


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