Product viz tutorial WIP


Thought I’d give a peek of something I’m working on. This will be part of a product visuals tutorial. This part will cover everything from concept, modelling, textures, lighting and staging etc.

The screw cap is made from a single cylinder (no subdivision surfaces or splines) Everything is created by layering up a series of gradients to displace the surface. I’ll also be covering how to prepare your textures in photoshop for the different material channels.

I haven’t entirely decided on everything else I’ll cover in the rest of the tutorial but a chocolate bar and foil pouch will likely be two of the parts. Any requests for other products people want help with?

Also welcome to hear any feedback. Render time is currently 95 seconds for 1080.


Looks great Mash, I always struggle with getting good looking liquid inside glass. I’d like to see something on getting whisky looking good - so it has glowing areas of gold, yellow and orange, but it still looks transparent and like a liquid.


hi mash,
this looks awesome. thanks for your great work.

chocolate bar and foil pouch sounds great.
i would also love to see how you would approach the sculpting and uv-ing of such folded paper packs like these flour or sugar packs.
lighting liquids, as mitchino said, sounds equally interesting :slight_smile:

maybe some insights on how to create textures and shaders specifically for product visualizations, like foils or these beautiful textured beer labels. or how to recreate the effects of print finishing processes you see on high end cosmetic products

i’m really looking forward to this tutorial. thanks again!


Yes indeed, foils, embossing, debossing, varnishes, realistic paper textures, all the components that go into a complex whisky label for example.

How to make glass look real, with imperfections, micro bump etc etc.

Anything that helps us get closer to the work of the packaging masters, Tim Cooper, Marco Serena, Maxim Kulikov, Pavel Gubin et al.

Nose has been producing a few packaging tutorials which are great, but I want more!!!