[Product Viz] Autopole, Simone Nastasi (3D)


Title: [Product Viz] Autopole
Name: Simone Nastasi
Country: Italy
Software: 3ds max, Brazil r/s, Photoshop

This is a rendering of my caompany’s most famous (and sold) product, the autopole.
Used Brazil’s domelight with an exr made from my previous interior as emitter (and environment for reflections, of course).
I used B2 panorama camera to make a low AA panorama rendering, then mapped it on a sphere and put it behind the autopole model, then used camera DOF.
In the original version I’ve made also a toon pass over it.
Boss liked it a lot, considering also the time spent/result ratio :smiley:


nice render…

but… so,… wait… what exactly does this thing do? not too familiar with autopoles myself…


The autopole is an variable height aluminum pole that can be fixed between floor and ceiling in a snap - just push the lever and the rubber ends will grip, making the pole steady. It used to be the standard for photographers that wanted to have a quick and portable studio (and probably it still id) - two autopoles, a white screen and voila. Until a guy 20 years ago thought to use it to display merchandising, and since then it became a furniture component, mostly for shops, with lots of accessories to be picked at (shelves etc).


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