Product Rendering


I know I’m way off on this and I was hoping someone could help me with some tips on rendering. I uploaded an image and I know the lighting needs work as well. This is basically a chain, shiny, black plastic sort of like a bracelet that has lighted areas in the center of each link. I’m using Maya and Mental Ray.


I don’t know if this is still relevant, but I can offer feedback as far as my intermediate experience is concerned. First off, it’s looking more like it’s leaning towards metal than plastic; the reflection and more-so the glossiness seems to be too unified. Try adding some texture maps to it (look up grunge maps or dirt maps; something black-and-white that will have the effect of making the light bouncing off of the object imperfect, like in real life, as a result of dirt and scratches and so on). Also, just putting the glossiness down (in different programs this is called by different terms, can’t remember what Mental Ray calls it…) will already make a huge difference, but keep in mind that it’ll increase your rendering time; basically it makes the light and reflections blurry so it makes it more realistic, and basically less mirror-like.

Then, if it’s plastic I suppose it’ll have some color. But metal will have almost no color/diffuse in it…And one more important tip is the absolute winner: a bump map. You can even use a bump map INSTEAD of glossiness (though still put a map in glossiness, just leave it all the way up), since it’ll do the same job of breaking up the light!

In fact, even just adding a bump map of a black-and-white image of, say, a black road (or anything with a lot of noise), will already make your material look MUCH better, but make sure that the intensity is appropriate for your material (in your case probably .1-.2 is enough, if not less!).

Good luck!