Product 360 degree preview at FB



First time I got this request.

A product (example a box) for online purpose (FB), client want to see all the sides (rotation) of the box even top and bottom when mouse roll over.
Any one can help me which process needs for this 360 degree render view…?





Thanks ONeill,

Not found render information… how it is, how many frames or jpg needed.
I googled but all found interior scene 360 view, no one showing product 360 view and how to make that… I need to explore some more…!



I’m not sure if this is of any interest but I noticed that Facebook now supports the glTF 2.0 standard.
Unlike image-based VR / 360, it is purely geometry based which opens up a bunch of creative/commercial possibilities.
I haven’t yet had time to wrap my head around a suitable C4D - glTF 2.0 workflow but it seems other packages have got it sorted.
Have a look! : Drag around in the samples…

Cheers / Alex


Is Sketchfab not the easiest way for this?



Thanks guys for update.