Processing Photoshop file


I’m not a genius specialist in Adobe Photoshop. But sometimes I would be. I was processing my .psd image on important project on my job. During saving changes, Photoshop was closed, after opening, I couldn’t see all my changes during a day. I’ve no idea how to be in such situation. My colleagues can’t aid me.


Below you may find guide, which I found in Google on query as photoshoprepair tool. Moreover some useful articles and resources, just try, one of them might aid
Another long-shot technique in Windows is to see if there’s a ShadowCopy of your file (copy from a restore point). Right-click on the file, choose Properties from the list - in the Properties box, choose the Previous Versions tab. Hopefully (in theory
) there’ll be a useable previous version to choose from. These instructions are for Vista. If the tab is not there, do a search for instructions for this feature on your operating system.