Process breakdown


Hi guys,
I will be sharing here some breakdown of my pieces, feel free to ask any questions or anything :slight_smile:



You make it look easy. Impressive and inspiring work ! Thanks for sharing your breakdown. The perspective, lighting and mood of this picture tells so much.


Ah, always nice to see how paintings like these take shapes! :slight_smile: Thanks for sharing! What about your idea process. Do you have ideas and let them grow in your mind over a period of time, or work them immediately as they appear?




Really nice to have so many steps.
Thanks for sharing. :slight_smile:


Thank you :stuck_out_tongue:


It depends on the piece I guess, sometimes I have a pretty clear picture in my head before I even start to draw anything, like for this particular one and sometimes it is pretty loose and I am looking for happy accidents as the piece progresses :slight_smile:




Ah, thanks for answering :slight_smile: Nice to hear about it!


Hi guys, here is another process breakdown :slight_smile:


This is an amazing thread!


Hi there Kamila,
you have outstanding work!

I have question, if you please.

How do you find the right image for the bashing? Does it take time till you like suitable one?
In the second process of yours from, the sketch is not clear at all what it is going to be, but after adding the stones on the right they are corresponding very well to the composition with the tilt towards the character.



sorry for the late respond, just got back home from Promised Land :slight_smile:
Actually for this kind of pieces I am only looking for the right light direction, I can overpaint and tranform everything else to fit my needs :slight_smile: