Procedural texturing


Was wondering if someone can give me some pointers with using proc texturing?

Are there any standards regarding importing/exporting proc materials? I notice theres a few proc texuring libraries out there. Map|zone looks
excellent, but no information on exporting/importing these (without saving as image).

Also found someone that lightwave has got a proc texture library. Has anyone managed to import these into Vue?



Procedural shaders are application specific so the only ones which will work with Vue are Vue’s own. That’s an interesting link though thanks!


Allegorhithmic is a plug in for Photoshop, so the textures it produces are images maps that you will be able to apply to your Vue objects just like any other texture map.
You can’t use Lightwave’s or any other software’s procedurals, because, as BazC said, procedurals depend on the algorhithms of a given app, and they don’t translate to an other program, as far as I know, but maybe a pithon script could be used, I really don’t know anything about this.


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