Procedural mesh detail- new bag of tricks


yes, very impressive :bounce: :applause:


Wow, you just about blew me away, solved a big set of problems I have with creek beds and rock face details. I can hardly wait. Can I be a beta tester :slight_smile:

Where can I read more ?


Yes looks very impressive. Great work Riven!


Shiiii…, that looks incredible Rivendale. So is this a MAXscript or an actual plugin you developed? Also, do you know how much it will cost yet or will you figure that out when it gets released?


Hi there,

it looks fantastic, would it be possible to create meshes from bitmaps (say if you gave it a paletted image it would create a mosaic with a different material ID/Submaterial for the different colours?




Extremely cool way to create topology :love:
Would make good creature skins.
Some of them look like a fractal pattern to me.


Great work, looks extremely promissing!


Hi, sorry for the long respons time. Thanks a lot for all the positive feedback!:slight_smile:
I guess I should explain a bit how the tools work and how they do not work. You can not generate a pattern independant of the meshes topology, since the tools works directly on the models existing topology. So you will need clean quad geometry if you want to get a clean pattern. If you use a more chaotic pattern it won’t matter though. The tools works mostly by removing parts and rebuilding the mesh in certain ways but they do not create a mesh from scratch.

To answer some questions:

Inrinsia- Thanks, Some of the patterns there are blended by using different tools on selected parts of a mesh, but most of them show the result of a tool applied once or several times. In blended I also mean that you can apply a tool, then apply again on a smaller selection, and then make a smaller selection and apply again, so you get a fading effect.

Jeb- Thanks, I think these tools could certainly help with making fractured meshparts, but you would need to split up the mesh manually though. Maybe you could generate a chaotic pattern, then detach pairs of polygons and use the bridge tool in some way. Just an idea.

Paul Buckland- Thanks, I’ll contact you later when I have something ready for betatesting. Right now there is only this thread for info about these tools, but I hope I can answer any questions you have.

Treed- Thanks, I call it a scripted plugin, it’s made with maxscript. I’m not sure yet if I will include these tools in the PolyBoost toolset. I have said the price for PolyBoost would be around 68$, but if I include these tools the price might go up slightly. I have to think about it some before I can give a final answer. Hopefully PolyBoost will be released in about 1-1.5 months.

Steve Green- Thanks, I’m sure that could be possible in some way and it’s a good idea. Not sure if I’ll be able to make that right now though, but I’ll keep it in mind for later. There is a feature in PolyBoost for selecting parts of a mesh based on a bitmap, so that could get you some way there though.

I have been working some more on the tools and will keep at it. Will post some more images in a while.
Thanks again!:slight_smile:


hey Rivendale,… i remember i first noticed you on alienware-cgtalk challenge… you had brilliant ideas there :wink: i was checking all the time for new posts… too much coffee or just plane crazy? :slight_smile:

after that those rings that got you cgtalk award (i think,… not 100% sure)… liked them very much… don’t see work like that everyday…

and now this! seems you’re the guy that can be expected a lot from… will definately watch for updates on this one too… please include this tool in poly boost (even if it raise the price)… you might get new customer just because of this new addition :wink:

take care and keep up the good work!


Rivendale, i just had an idea and i’m wondering if it might work…

could this be used to fix vertexIDs on screwed up morph targets? i mean… could you use this script to rebuild mesh topology on all morph targets thus getting same vertex order?


Hey peekoot, thanks a lot for the nice words. I have come to the conclusion that these tools WILL be included in PolyBoost, because they fit in pretty well with the rest of the toolset.
About your question, no it can’t be used for that, since it really doesn’t rebuild the meshes from scratch, it only does things to the existing mesh.



Hey, the topology tools are basically ready now (phew). Check out the current interface:

This window will come up through a button in the PolyBoost main interface(or through a shortcut)


Very cool - look forward to seeing it in action.




Looks sweet! Question though, one of my buddies Chris Thomas had a question about this and I’m also interested if it would be possible. Heres what he said.

Yeah, looks like a pretty cool system he has there. I wonder if he could do a similar system to simulate impact points for a particle fragmentation system? Something that would mimic the impact fracture paterns created in certain materials i.e. like plastic, or ceramic, or glass, wood etc? This system could be used to generate those fragments, then each could be detatched and assigned to a particle and off it woulg go…

Cool stuff indeed.


Hi Rivendale, these tools are absolutly needed for every artist i think.I cant imagine how many different things i can make with them.You do amazing work.

I have a question.Is it possible to make custom patterns, i mean patterns created in corel or illustrator and to put them in the pattern libraries as .ai or bitmaps?

Keep the good work




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