Procedural mesh detail- new bag of tricks


Hi, I have been playing with generating topology procedurally over a mesh, and have worked out a few tools for doing so. You can see some examples below on some early tests.
These tools generate detail procedurally over an entire mesh, or on a selected part of it, and will blend the selected parts with the surrounding mesh. (An exeption to this is a tool for making a brickpattern, wich only generates over a quad surface.)
The tools can be used for a variety of purposes, like making different kinds of brick, walls, mosaic and stone/rock patterns, or scifi surface details or even skinlike details. Different types of patterns can also be blended with each other. What you would usually do is generate some topology and then extrude and bevel different parts to form a structure. A note is that the larger the mesh, the longer time it will take to generate the topology(unless you work on a selection only), and on very large meshes some tools can be very slow, but that’s just the price you have to pay I think. In most of the tools the UVW mapping is kept intact, that means you can use the topology as a guide when painting textures too! You could even make a quick copy of a model, make some procedural topology, export the uvwmapping and use that as a guide in photoshop. Then those textures will fit onto the initial model.

In the examples below I used the tools on a simple plane with 32 width and lenght segments.

Some more examples:

and a render of some examples of use:

These tools will probably be included in the PolyBoost toolset wich I’m working on. PolyBoost is a large set of tools for making life in 3ds max a bit easier. Check out the PolyBoost thread here:

Feedback is very welcome and if you have any questions or suggestions/ideas I will be glad to respond to them.



I just have to say…Wow. Now that is cool. Looks like you passed math class, I wish I attended:S


Patterns are very cool(good cellulars and voronoi diagram like structures there :slight_smile: ). It works like a scripted modifier plugin, or between editable poly?.


Great concept, looks to be a handy little util:)


I want that tool like right now!!


Looks fantastic. When are you going to release?


You could use it for turning normal geo (extracted body mesh for example) into cloth mesh, right?, nice. Your tools are becoming really interesting. Can you make you own patterns?


PEN- Thanks a lot, really appreciate it. I’m not really a mathwiz but maybe I’m good at thinking “out of the box”:slight_smile:

Reality3D- Thanks, it works on editable poly meshes, no modifier thing.

dizzl8r- Thanks:)

jeb- Yeah me too, hehe. I’m working on making worldtexture normalmaps for a game and I think I will put these tools to good use. That was one of the reasons I started thinking about tools like this.

anoon- Thanks, can’t say precisely yet, but I’m hoping to have the release about 1-1.5 months from now.

Roman- Thanks, yes clothes is certainly a possible use for it. You can not define a pattern of your own with the tools, but you can combine different tools, and maybe come up with something like you want.



I meant that this way you can project a good working cloth topology (for simulation etc) on to “normal” topology. But if you cannot inplement self-made patterns you could take a look at this thread and such (also the pattern used in the clothfx/max 7) and maybe implement some of the patterns.


wow , Rivendale , this is really amazing , with this tool you can get detail even beyond zbrush , keep the good work .


This looks very promising! :slight_smile: As Roman mentioned it would be nice if you were able to create your own procedurals. Combining multiple tools sounds cool… How are you generating your initial patterns that we see here? Are these samples of the “blending” you are talking about? Looks like a lot if fun regardless; can’t wait to see more!!!


Oh my. I just fell in love with the top left image of your render examples (bottom image). A sort of acid-corroded mesh.

Most excellent work CM! I really hope you include these tools with PolyBoost.

Maybe it’s just me, but lately it seems like there is an avalance of utterly cool tools for Max. Me like.

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I ust have to chime in and say “neato”! Looks really cool.


Yes, this will be very very useful for creating nice cloth topology


Looks like it’ll be great for generating chunks of objects for fragmenting in a more natural looking way than usual and certainly quicker than manually chopping them up.

I can’t wait for Polyboost. I was wanting that flow connect tool today. :frowning:


now that you mention it i havent seen a descent tool for doing cool CLEAN mesh cuts to use in fracture. Like the bacardi comercial ice cube in discreets video tuts, the person who did those cuts is a genious, i´ve had a hard time achieving this kind of cuts…so hard that for doing some cuts with detailed noise inside i had to use C4D´s boolean.

Could this tool help achieving stuff like that, if not doesnt matter because it rocks anyway.


Brilliant! :eek:


Amazing, truely amazing…I can’t wait to see more!


wow, this is quite impressive! excellent work Rivendale. can’t wait to check out the polyboost beta.



WOW :eek: …