Procedural Landscape - Alps, Martin Huisman (3D)


Title: Procedural Landscape - Alps
Name: Martin Huisman
Country: Netherlands

This image is made using the 3rd technology preview of Terragen 2.
Design of the scene took well over a month and I have made about 50 incremental versions throughout the whole process.

All terrain elements like mountains, rocks etc. are procedural.
Tree- and flowermodels are from X-frog and the ivy on the tree is created with Ivygenerator and blended with the tree in 3DS Max.
There are a total of 10 tree populations in this scene all positioned using powerfractal controlled instancing with slope/heighth restriction.

Took about 50 hours rendertime.
Still slow, but it is improving.

Thanks for stopping by, C&C welcome.



great ima but… 50 hours!!! :eek:


great work man 4* from me:)


wow, amazing work, 4 * for sure :slight_smile:


Awesome. First I thought it was done with Povray.

5 of 5


Very beautiful! Just like the photos! Does your trees and rocks is how the production


Thanks a lot everybody so far :slight_smile:

@mattia242: yes 50 hours unfortunately. This has been rendered with the 3rd Technology Preview which is multi-threaded and also slightly optimized if I understood correctly.
I bet rendering it with the previous technology preview would have taken at least 5 times longer (single core then of course).
Slight improvements in renderspeed are being expected, but since everything is procedural and the displacements are being calculated in rendertime things are quite slow.

@ The trees are from the Xfrog Libraries (Europe library).
The rocks are procedural fractals with displacement. The cracked forms are additional voronoi-based noise displacements.
I have to figure out how to post inline images here so I can explain/show in detail.



Simply Beautiful. Yes the render time sucks but sometimes you just got to wait.


Very nice Tangled-Universe. I like it a lot. I also noticed a little bug in it.
4 stars from me.


Thanks Drudals and Julenissen :slight_smile:

@ Julenissen: I think I know which bug you mean, but maybe you can tell me? :wink:


great to know that you are here, too :slight_smile:


Impressive realism!!


great image I love the atmospheric haze


Near the bottom and a little bit to the left of the middle.
There is a stone there, but you can see that there are some
part of the grasses there that are cut.


Wow! Superb artwork!!!
Everything procedural?! So is lake?
How did you get it done procedural?
Did you write scripts for that?


Thanks DeDa, Pedro and ABFH :slight_smile:

@ Julenissen: exactly :slight_smile: it’s called a bucket-error and it’s a bug which will be resolved, luckily enough, in the next release within a couple of weeks. I re-rendered 6 parts of the image (time consuming!) to get rid of them, but as you can see I still missed some :frowning:

@ ABFH: I don’t have much time now, but as soon as I know how to post inline images here I’ll show you how procedural displacements and texturing work in Terragen 2




very good TG2 render ^^
keep up the good work and nice to see you in here :slight_smile:


awesome! looks very realistic! 10/10 !


N-n-nice! But i like all handmade, so there is things to do more cool, i mean when everything is made by hands it is awesome! But still 5stars!


This is a true beauty! great work :slight_smile:

Mego: Handmade landscapes of this quality ? hehe, no seriously… there’s a massive amount of work that goes into a piece like this. It’s not just hitting a couple of buttons and think that it’s enough to render a pretty landscape. There’s way more to do than that… i’d say this is handmade.

/ Magnus