Procedual plasticene Tutorial


Hay Chico :wink:

What about the pics? The Thread could be helpfull for me and my Mat Probs *g

Thx in advance


can u upload the picture again?


Pictures back :slight_smile:

Sorry its taken soo long.
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Thanks man , i realy appreciate this .:buttrock:

Maybe this link that isn’t working . :shrug:

Displacement Material (required for


Maybe this link that isn’t working .

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Thx a lot Chico,
great Tut indeed :wink:



Just bumping this great tutorial.


I’m not even a MAX user but I fount it very interesting anyway. Good technique. I’m trying to mimic it in Lightwave. Thank you, pal.


wow, this does look very good, im gonna give it a go mimicing it in blender, ill post my resaults if i find any thing good.


Be sure you do.
Good Luck.


ive been tring to do this in blender, but no luck, i just cant seem to get it to look like that. ild post pics, but i dont have any web space.



i have been looking for a texture like this for a while, but, unfortunatley, i need it in XSI form… Anyone know how i could do this in XSI please?

many thanks



:bounce: thank’s chico
good luck :thumbsup: :applause:


wow, nearly 3 years and this threads still alive. as a postscript to my post from 2002: I never did actually get around to trying it out! I will one day though!


Allabulle out of interest how did you go with this in LW?

Any tips? :slight_smile:


great tut!! although I need it in Maya form, I will try to apply those technique in Maya. Thx!!



This is great. I’ve been searching for any tips to do this technic in Maya for a while. This one sounds great. Anybody knows of how to do it in Maya? I am doing a project at Sheridan college and I really need to figure it out as soon as possible. I’ll also try to mimic your tutorial in Maya and will post the results in a couple of days.

Please keep updating.



Thanks a lot Chico !. I found this tutorial very useful. I love how this material looks.


Tanks chico!!! more more more!!!


I’m having problems getting this to run in Max 7, when I load it up it asks for some .dlt files, they include dynoskin.dlt solidcolour.dlt blurlib.dlt and alpha1.dlt. anyone got an idea of how I can find the missing files or redevelop it with the proceduals in max 7.