Problems With Motion Blend And Vertical Movement/ Gravity


I have a 10 frame animation where a character is shimmying up a pipe. The start and end poses are exactly the same, as are the x+z co-ordinates, only the Y (UP) co-ordinate is increased, so the character moves up.
I plotted this down onto the skeleton and took into it Motion Blender. When I tile, the character keeps returning to the same postion and doesn’t move up the pipe along the Y axis. I know it is something to do with Motion blend not handling Y movement correctly in this instance as I can work the take to have x+y translation which will carry across into motion blend, yet the Y translation still goes back to the original place. Of course, I could get round it by moving the ghosts by hand, but this is time consuming. Am I missing an option/ check box - BTW local blending doesn’t make any differemce.
I’m using a biped type (not character studio) rig and Motion Builder 5.5.
If this is fixed or works better in MB7 then let us know as we may be upgrading.
Thanks alot.
I managed to get this working in Story Mode, not as fast as the NLE but does the job just about…
It seems a bit more intuitive in MB7, but works ok ish in 5.5 in story mode



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