Problems with importing hair


I am trying to upload a hair object to c4d and daz3d. When I open the object in 3d viewer it is nice and detailed, (left in the picture) but when I import it it looks bad (right in the picture).

I’ve got the feeling the solution is really simple, what am I missing?


Well it ‘looks’ like hair in a game sort of way. But its really polygon strips and it looks like the textures/UVs are missing (that give the hair look). So why is that?!
Either exported incomplete or imported incomplete.

But I don’t use either of those software so thats all I got for you.


So the textures and uv should make right look like left if what you’re saying?


From here thats what it looks like. No textures = no ‘hair look’.


Hmm I see. I have got the following but I’m not really sure what goes where.

Which software do you use and how would you generally fix this in there?


You need to check if you have imported UV mapping on the imported mesh (sometimes it can be lost during import/export) and if you have it, then you need to apply diffuse, opacity and normal maps to your material. It seems the game engine also uses direction vector to control hair anisotropy (texture …out_007.png) - that can be a pain replicating in some 3d programs.