Problems with hair


First, a video example of what is going on would be in order.
(Quicktime 7 Required)

So here is the deal. I had animated the person in the video, and now I’m getting around to updating the scene which was initially done in Maya 4.5. The hair had been done using Fur. I now want to change that to using Mayas hair dynamics system in 6.5, so I created a UV map just for the area that I am having the hair. I apply the hair, and all seems well initially, until I play a few frames, then things go awry.

What is basically happening is a bunch of the folicles are moving around the scalp, and some are also jumping to the origin (0, 0, 0). I have no idea why this may be happening. I have no overlapping UVs and I have sewn any gaps necessary, but there is still this painful problem. Any ideas why this may be happening?


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