problems loading an Image on Canvas


Hi Guys

Please help me out here…
am using the LOAD IMAGE function on the texture palette to paste my reference on canvas so i can
sculpt as i view my reference but my Ztool keeps intersecting with my ref/canvas so my ztool is obstructed behind it…and i can’t work!! How can i fix this? PLEASE HELP ME OUT

Here’s what i mean, wen i load the Polar bear ztool on canvas it appears great but wen i rotate the ztool its obstructed by my reference!!


Turn on floor and open up the Draw menu. In the front/back option, map your image to the floor so it appears behind your work. You can adjust the position of the floor relative to your object, opacity etc.

You should really post this in the ZBrush sub-forum so Informerman can see it. He’s the ZBrush King here in my opinion, and he can explain things much better than I am able to. He comes in most days to help out.


Oh yeah, i hadnt noticed the zbrsh subforum lol. i Really appreciate u taking ur time to rrply my post. Thanks alot Dillstar :smiley:

Cheerz mate


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