- Problem With XP


I rendered out a sequence of .psd images in After Effects and now I can’t delete them. I was able to delete some of them, but two are left. It gives me the error that they are in use by another program, which isn’t true. I restarted my computer numberous times, but it still gives the same error.

What the hell is wrong???


i’m willing to bet that you’re running XP on NTFS. i had this same problem with a bunch of MP3s. for some reason NTFS freaks sometimes on it file permissions. i had to boot into safe mode to delete them.


HAHAHA… sorry but I feel your pain. Every once in a while I have that problem too.

I usually just leave them alone for a day or so and once I remember them again it usually works. I have no idea what causes this but it has nothing to do with psd’s or after effects.

Can I ask why you rendered to psd’s?


Tiger… whass shakin man… ya beat me :slight_smile:


How the hell do you start in Safe Mode from XP? I’m using the Home version, not the pro.

So, this happens alot in XP? Seems strange to me. This is the first time it’s happened to me, so I didn’t know what was wrong.

I just rendered to .psd for the hell of it.


Na, not really… it almost never happens (at least for me). Just pisses me off when it does :slight_smile:


RENDER MONKEY ! wuzzu d00d ! haven’t seen you on ICQ in awhile…

to get into Safe Mode, keep hitting (usually) F8 while your machine is booting up but before XP starts to load.


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