problem with world axis


Is it just me, or do you also have problems with world, local and object axis.?
No matter which one you choose, whenever you rotate, you will always rotate around world axis.
Am I overlooking something ? Is there any solution to this ?

thanxs in advance


Are you talking about tumbling around objects? If thats the case. Just select the object you want to focus on and press the “f” key to frame it. Until you track the camera, it will always stay the center of interest.

If you mean actually rotating the object then you want to go to Modify>Center Pivot. This will place your pivot point on the object not the origin.



there is a definate difference between world and local axis. At least there is once you have moved the object from the origin. If you havent moved off the origin then the local and global will probably be the same. or - if you havent rotated yet, there won’t be any difference.


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