Problem with viewport


Hi guys,
I can`t see textures in my viewport. Can you help me? please.


You generally find that the amount of effort people put into helping you, is directly proportional to the amount of effort you put into asking for help.

Show us a picture
show us a scene file
tell us what you did
do any scenes work
just one scene?
what version of c4d?
what hardware?


I´m working in Cinema studio R17. I´m new in Cinema BTW.
The problem is when I use Arnold´s shaders or textures ( If I dont use it there is no problem. I´m learning UV unwrap and its difficult to work if I can`t see the texture in viewport.


If you’re that new to C4D this probably isn’t the forum to go to for “help me with the basics” stuff. I’d seriously recommend using as a starting point. I also recommend looking through the MAXON documentation closely. It is a little dry but generally detailed and useful as a starting point.

Watch the videos at Cineversity about setting up the viewports (there are many options), materials basics, and UVs, follow along with their examples… then when you’re practicing on your own with larger projects, ask here. Or you can try — the audience there is more a mix of new and experienced users and they have an entire section dedicated to learning / users helping each other. Not saying I’m Joe Pro and too good to answer your question, just being honest that a lot of the people here are professionals and probably not inclined to take their time answering “101” / “started using C4D yesterday” type questions.


I’d disagree, theres no problem with a beginner question here and frankly involving Arnold im not sure he’d get very far elsewhere.

I don’t have a solid answer however it seems from the FAQ that its simply an unsupported feature:

Arnold specific settings (like. color texture, radius, etc.) are not supported.
Skydome light is not supported.
No viewport display of Arnold shaders.

Now I find it surprising that such a basic feature isnt there yet so could be wrong. Paging Daniel Hennies?