Problem with Surface deformer


Hi to all!
I am kindly asking for help.!

I am trying to bend the digital circuit mash by using this disk-shaped plane.
The disk is at the angle, I’m not sure if you can see that from the picture. The polygons are at the angle, if there is no hole in the middle it would resemble umbrella.
What I am trying to do is to bend the digital circuit mash at the same angle as the disk is angled.
The digital circuit is made of a bunch of splines that are being connected and extrude.
I tried to use surface deformed but it doesn’t work. I tried to make the digital circuit editable, but still nothing.
Can you guys have a solution for this problem?


Is this what you’re after ?


Yeah, something like that.


OK, There’s 2 options.
1- Make the extruded splines editable
Select all top points
Move points in the direction you want for the height
Last, use the scale tool on the XZ for the shape you want

2- Extrude splines without thickness to the height you want
Use the Taper deformer to narrow shape
Put these 2 under a Connect object
Last put all 3 under a Cloth deformer for the desired thickness

CB.c4d (137.3 KB)


Thank you!! This first option is so easy. Thank you for the project file as well. Cheers!!


Glad it worked out. Cheers !