Problem with "Rename Subtool" receiving no input


Ever since i updated to 8p2 i cant use the rename tool, ive tried reinstalling, taking full ownership of the folder, removing the read only, etc.

i have nickstools, and it still does not work, process as it were: click tool i want to rename, click Rename and the box shows up with no text in it, i click on the text box and type, nothing shows up, mash keys, switch back and forth, when i hit ESC the default text that should appear pops up for a split second with either the name of the tool, or the “Type Here…” text, and that’s it.

its aggravating and i cant seem to be able to fix it no matter what i try, i haven’t used zbrush in a few years but i never had any issues before, least of all with this, not even scripts seem to be working, the box shows up, i can click on it, and ESC off of it, but i cant type anything inside of it.



I can’t replicate the issue here. Rename works fine, but I’m using 2018. Maybe you should upgrade to the latest version.