Problem with position of linked or attachment constrainted object


Hello. excuse me I have a problem , in my scene i have a plane 001 that has connected to surface of a noisey ground with confirm binding and conform helper . Then i have a Helper 001 that has attachment constraint to plane 001 and finally i have a Box 001 that i assigned Float limit to its Z axis but the problem is here , when i connect the lower limit of Box 001 to Z axis of Helper 001 with wire parameters or float expression , when i change the position of Plane 001 the lower Limit of Box 001 will not change. (if i remove the attachment constraint of Helper it will impact to Lower limit well , and change it.)

(I forgot that , if i add a Helper and Intermediary it between Helper 001 and Box 001 the problem wont solve.)

(Even if i transform attachment constraint to Link the problem wont solve.)

How I can solve this problem ?

Here is Scene

Version of file is 2016.


link seems to be dodgy…

just try drag/drop your file into your post, simple.


Is that so ?