Problem with moving textures! Help please!!!



Im from sweden so I apology my bad english!
I have a robot that i made and have apply a texture on the mesh. It look good but when I have animated it and look on the final comp i notice that the texture is “moving” on the surface!? Hard to explain more but hopefully someone know what to do! My sofware is Maya 8.0 with Mental ray

Answer fast as possible cause this is a big problem for me!

///Big thanks from Martin[/b]


Firstoff apologies for the quick answer but i’m off to bed. :smiley:

If a projection, you will need a texture reference object and/or to include the 3d placement node in the object hierarchy.

If its a poly model with UVs you may want to delete all your history as that can sometimes cause wackiness.

If still no joy post with any further details you have, I’ll check back tomorrow when more time.



I have test to erase all history but no results, unfortunately!
Dont know if its a projection, I only make a texture with this map and apply it to the objects! The most of it is subD!

b.t.w. In my viewport i cant really see the texture map, so its a problem to see it moving! How can i fix that?
Looks like this:



Yea it looks procedural to me. Try grouping the 3D placement node into the root of the rig. Failing that you should be able to use a texture reference object, I presume they work but have only used them on NURBS in the past.


I do not understand really what you mean!? Can you describe how to do this with “texture reference object”?


I just solved this exact problem in an animation I am trying to render. What it sounds like you have an issue with are 3d textures. Basically (and this might not be accurate, I don’t know) 3d textures are not “baked” to a surface, but remain still. In other words, they won’t move with the object (in my case an eyebal rolling across the floor had veins flowing and pulsing everywhere). What you need to do is find the 3d textures in your scene (they usually look like a wireframe box in perspective view and typically say placed3dtexture… something in the outliner. Then just parent these textures to your model and that SHOULD take care of your issue. In case you don’t know, parenting is applied by selecting the 3dtexture(s) and then SHIFT selecting the object and press ‘p’.

Hope that helps.


Well, That sounds like a good solution! But the problem is that the texture is applyed on more then one object! Do i need to make a new texture to every single object and parent the placed3dtexture to it!? Can´t you on some way “bake in” the texture to the objects position nd keep it there. because i tried to perent the placed3dtexturewith (for example) the head, but then the other textures moving anyway!


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