Problem with mesh display. (not clipping plane)


Hey guys and girls,

I have this wierd problem when I zoom out from my mesh. It looks like the mesh turns transparent and i can see the faces behind. I know that this is not a clipping plane problem as i am familiar with this issue.

I think it might be a problem with my graphics card but im not sure. I have an ASUS HD7870, i have made sure that i am running the most recent driver.

I have added three screen shots that show the problem. The first is zoomed in with everything fine. the next is a bit zoomed out and the sides of the mesh starting to become transparent and the third shows what it looks like when i zoom out all the way.

This problem doesnt really stop me from working but it is very annoying.

Here is a screen shot zoomed in. Nothing out of the ordinary.


At this range you can see the faces of the other side of the arms. around the edges of the torso are also turning transparent

And here you can see its a complete mess with both sides showing as if it was in wireframe mode.

I hope you guys get back to me soon


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