problem with lustre please


lustre 2007 ext1
in the lustre the Primary Colour Grading is right ,can modifying real time,render,

but in the secondary Colour Grading ,i modifying in the secondary Colour Grading,in the GPU then can see the result real time, but cannot render out the secondary Colour Grading,just render then the out pic all black or stop on the last pic ,not right

in the lustre 2.01
the Primary Colour Grading is right ,can real time see the result

but in the secondary Colour Grading,when i Keying a Range of Colours, then modifying the Colour Grading ,then in the Output view or in the M view ,all cannot see the modifying result ,there is not any change ,but then render the out pic is right,there is effect on the secondary Colour Grading,

please whether where i set not right ? thank you


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