Problem with lighting in maya


Here is the video of my problem



Hi again :slight_smile:

what type of light do you have in your scene?

have you turned on the shadows for it?

select the light. look at the attribute editor (control+A) open the shadows tab and make sure “use ray traced shadows” is turned on.

in your vid I can see the light is working. also maybe turn final gather off for the moment in the render settings and you will see more of what the light is doing by itself.

Actually. on second thoughts. how is your shader/material set up for the blocks? where is the texture plugged into?




Ill make a video tonight to show you how to set up minecraft renders in maya with mental ray nicely tonight (its morning here so Ill do it after work…) if I get time.


Just had a quick look at how mineways works and how the import works of the obj materials into maya. I can see where your problems are coming from now.

I have used j-mc-2-obj before which was pretty good but mineways does stuff a little differently.

Ill have a play and make a tutorial video for you tonight (most of the ones on youtube are pretty crap :slight_smile: )


Could you link me to your youtube channel?


Sorry for the late reply…
Had to find the time to make and upload the videos…

                      So here we are:
                      Part one.


                      Part two:


                      the script that I used in part two:

(note it seems when im posting code its putting a space in front of all the lines…you may have to delete the space from each line…sad):

import maya.cmds as cmds
replace the rgba texture path below 
texturePath = 'C:/Users/someuser/Desktop/minecraft_export/world_for_maya-RGBA.png'
objSel =, s=1, dag=1)
for object in objSel :
	geo = object
	SgNodes = cmds.listConnections(object, type='shadingEngine')
	matMaya = cmds.listConnections(SgNodes [0] + '.surfaceShader')
	objectName = cmds.listConnections(object,p=True)[0]
	mat = (matMaya[0])
	print mat
	colConneted =cmds.listConnections(mat+".color")[0]
	fileConnedted = cmds.setAttr(colConneted+".fileTextureName",texturePath,type="string")
	cmds.setAttr (colConneted+".filterType",0)
	print fileConnedted
	myMat = cmds.shadingNode('mia_material_x', asShader=True)
	cmds.hyperShade( assign=myMat)
	cmds.setAttr (myMat+'.ao_on',1)
	cmds.setAttr (myMat+'.ao_distance',1)
	cmds.setAttr (myMat+'.diffuse_roughness',1)
	cmds.setAttr (myMat+'.reflectivity',0)
	cmds.setAttr (myMat+'.refr_ior',1)


And here are some quick test renders.

I played with the water a bit after finishing the videos :slight_smile:


Thanks! Watching it now :smiley: :thumbsup:


This is a render that i did. Thanks!
PS. Its colored because i used a colored light, When color corrected and graded it looks awesome! Took me about 1.2 hours to render 60 frames :slight_smile: Lasts about 3 secounds.


That looks pretty cool.
Glad you got it working.


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