Problem with Fusion after formating computer


Hi all,

I am having problems ever since I wiped out my hard drive with Fusion. Apparently, I loaded up a scene and when I move my clips onto the view ports, I get a big red cross “X” and having a loader tool error.

I wonder if I am suppose manually apply the project directory to allow Fusion to detect the footages used in the project.

Error listed below:

Loader3 failed to load file “C:\FlashLT\PShop\blk_prop_psd3.psd” (clip “C:\FleshLT\PShop\blk_prop_psd3.psd” at frame 0) : The system cannot find the file specified.
Loader3 failed at time 0

My loaders are not detecting any footages, even if I manually load them again. Now I migrated onto my laptop and everything works fine. I had the forced tile pictures on the nodes and can see the clips in the tools but cant view them in the viewports. Also, I tried to collapse the tile pictures on the tools by right clicking and I cant even get my menu to prompt up.

Any clues? Could it be a driver I forgot to download or something? I have a duo core 64 bit AMD machine thats running a 32 bit XP OS system with service pack 3 installed. Nvidea Geforce graphics card installed and nothing left to update at window’s site.

Any suggestions will be great!

Appreciate the time to anyone who responds.



You most likely need to install the latest NVidia driver for your system. The red X generally indicates that the display was not able to open the OpenGL buffer. The other clue being that the context menu’s are not appearing, as they aslo use OpenGL.


Yeah, I remembered last night that I forgot to install the drivers. I got it to work. Silly silly silly me… just got too excited to reinstall all my gear before I finished installing all drivers needed. Again, I appreciate the response.

Now that I have the drivers needed to support Open GL, things are running smoothly.

Kind regards,



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