Problem with compiling GEEX (CGAL related)


Hi all,

i hope my post is here at the right place! If not i apologize in advance. Please bear also in mind that i’m no programmer and only like to learn to properly compile freely available code.

My interest as 3D hobbyist lies also in remeshing stuff and especially in creating Voronoi meshes.

A suitable framework which allows such stuff is GEEX which is from this project:


and the source code can be found here:

So what i did , i installed Microsoft Visual Studio Express 2010, Cmake, CGAL and boost and when
compiling the project i get the following error(s) at the end:

(unresolved external symbol __imp____gmpq_clear in function “public: __thiscall CGAL::Gmpq_rep:: ˜Gmpq_rep(void)” etc.

So if anyone has a bit of time and could help me possibly out with what is going wrong here
i would greatly appreciate it!

Best regards


Ok, all problems solved! :slight_smile:

Thanks for reading!



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