PROBLEM when open old psd file with " PHOTOSHOP CS "


i have a problem with photoshop cs
i have some files saved in old photoshop version ( 7.0 ) with some layer effects (bevel,glow ecc…)
now i have installed photoshop cs and i re-open the files…but there is a problem…layer style like bevel are incorrect, is totally different from same file open with photoshop 7.0.

So my problem is that photoshop 7.0 and irfanwiev open the files corretct with correct layer style, while photoshop cs open the files with wrong layer style (for example bevel i totally different)

anyone have my probem?
how can i solve it?


this is the file open with photoshop 7.0 and infarview an it is correct

this is the file open with photoshop cs with the bevel totally incorrect


anyone? :shrug:


Cant you just open the layer style and change the bevel type?

BTW what version are you currently using? CS or 7.0

Photoshop is’nt really backward compatible (it is to a certian extent), if your making something in CS and going into 7.0 you chance are your going to have some issues.


I have noticed that with ver. 6, 7, and cs and it really sucks if you give it to someone using 5.5 cause they don’t even have layer effects. The only thing I can recommend, and this may be the hard, long way… is to create 2 sets one with the layer effects and one with the layer effects seperated into layers. The when you open them in CS you can open the layer effects layers and tweak them out to match the other set.

Sound comfusing yet??



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